Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE) is coming to Cloud Market.

The initial phase of the NCE release will land in Cloud Market on Tuesday 8th February. In readiness and to ensure we’re aligned with NCE we have updated our Microsoft Service Specific Terms (SSTs) to incorporate the NCE changes. These will be available in Cloud Market from Tuesday 1st February and must be agreed by the primary account user before Thursday 10th March, otherwise you will be unable to transact affected services. However, we strongly advise agreeing the updated SSTs in advance of the Thursday 10th March deadline to ensure there is no disruption for you or your customers.

We’ve summarised the key dates for you below:

What will the initial release of NCE deliver?

Why do I need to agree to the new SSTs?

So we can continue to give you and your customers the best service possible, we need to make sure our SSTs are up to date and aligned with Microsoft’s NCE. To ensure there’s minimal disruption to your services, you must agree these before Microsoft’s NCE enforcement date of Thursday 10th March.

What’s the deadline to agree to the SSTs?

11.59pm on Wednesday 9th March 2022.

How do I agree to the new Microsoft 365 SSTs?

It’s really simple. All you have to do is:

What happens if I don’t agree to the SSTs?

If you don’t agree to the new SSTs before the Thursday 10th March deadline, you won’t be able to provision or manage any of the services associated which may delay order processing for your customers. After the deadline date an enforcement will be put into place, meaning you cannot administer any associated services within Cloud Market until they are agreed to.

Which products are affected by new SSTs?

All Microsoft seat-based licensing such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Secure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Windows 365, Power Bi, Intune and EM+S.

Does agreeing to the updated SSTs effect my existing services?

The day to day operating of the legacy platform has not, and for the most part will not, change. However we've had to update our SSTs to ensure both the Legacy and NCE platforms are covered and that any differences between the two platforms and identified. The Legacy platform will continue to provide monthly easy on/easy off flexibility until the Microsoft enforcement dates.