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Giacom is a company you can trust

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Frequently asked questions (read all FAQs)

Do I need to be a Microsoft Partner?

Yes, all Giacom partners who would like to resell Microsoft services must be a registered Microsoft Partner and have a MPN ID. Our Account Managers can guide you through the process of attaining an MPN ID and enrolling into the CSP model.

Is there a contract?

We don't believe in contracts or tie-ins here at Giacom. Our simple, monthly billing allows you the freedom to switch off your account when and if necessary. The only thing we ask you to sign is our Reseller agreement to make sure we both get the most out of our partnership.

Can I easily migrate licenses from other licensing models?

Yes, it’s easy to switch from other licensing models to the Giacom Cloud Market. We’ll help guide you through the process so that everything remains simple.

What’s the difference between the CSP model and other licensing models?

Please click here to download our comparison guide for CSP, Open, Advisor and other models to see which best suits you.

What is a MPN ID?

A Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID is a way to identify you as part of the Microsoft Partner community. It's assigned to your organisation only and is used throughout the Microsoft network to verify that you can sell, distribute and administrate Microsoft licenses to your customers.

Where do I find my MPN ID?

When you enroll into the Microsoft Partner Network, you will be automatically assigned an MPN ID. This can be found in the top right-hand corner once you log into partner.microsoft.com. Click on the 'View Account' button on your profile and you'll be able to see the organisation you MPN ID is linked to. You can go to Partner Center to manage your profile and settings.

Do you offer any Microsoft incentives?

Yes, we do. Microsoft Incentives run quarterly, for six months, or across the whole financial year. For reference, Microsoft's financial year ends on 30 June. You can find Microsoft's current incentives via the Services navigation menu on cloudmarket.com.

How will I be billed?

Billing is on the 27th of each month, and you will receive one invoice for all your customer services.

Our customers love us

"Giacom, as a company, just works. The Cloud Market is easy to use, creating accounts takes seconds, and there's always new offers which we can then market to our customers. The team deserve praise for the service they provide, they make any reseller look good!"

Charlie Street, Media Street

"Support from our account manager has been outstanding and the billing experience is particularly easy compared to the two previous CSP providers we have worked with. We have commented on several occasions to Microsoft that Giacom is the easiest CSP solution we have used."

Ian McMurtrie, Brunel IT

"We are more than a number with Giacom. As we have all our clients in the management panel it aids in quantifying, we can see how much business we are doing and where we are missing potential upsells to offer our clients better protection."

Simon Pilling, Halifax Computers