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Backing up and restoring customer data through Microsoft 365 is often a long and complicated process. It can take up to 6 hours to restore just one individual email in Exchange Online and there's no guarantee that it will be placed in the same location.

With SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite for Microsoft 365, IT technicians can save hours with the rapid search indexing and one-click restore features, meaning individual emails, mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business files can all be recovered within seconds and restored to the exact same location.

Plus, with the ability to cross-sell your Microsoft 365 customers, SkyKick helps to reduce customer churn and enhance your managed services product portfolio.

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“SkyKick’s Cloud Backup is an invaluable asset in our company’s portfolio of IT service offerings. It’s worth was clearly demonstrated recently when it allowed our technicians to quickly restore over 50,000 SharePoint files for a customer which had been accidentally deleted – saving significant effort and time. Their tools enable us to scale and improve our productivity.”

Christo van Zyl, Managed Services Director at Advantage

A market-leading backup solution for Microsoft teams and 365 groups

SkyKick is one of the first cloud backup solutions to offer easy restoration support for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 groups. If your customers are currently using them or are looking for ways to boost their collaboration and business productivity, they can rest assured that all their conversations, files, notebooks and calendars in Teams and Groups are backed up natively with SkyKick. Support for other features, such as Teams Wiki, will also be available in the future.

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Great product features and benefits for your customers

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    Unlimited BackUp

    No data caps, no retention limits, and up to six daily backups for all customers

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    One-Click Restore

    Powerful search indexing means you can find and restore point-in-time customer emails in seconds, not hours

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    No File Overwrites

    All data is backed up separately to eliminate the risk of cross-file infection

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    Exact Location Data Recovery

    Individual or bulk data can be recovered to the same location, so your customers know where to look

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    Aids Data Compliance

    Helps your customers comply with data protection and litigation policies with fully secure archiving

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    Ultra Secure

    All data is backed up with encryption in transit and at rest, remaining safe in UK or EA Azure datacentres

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How joining Giacom will make life easier for you

  • Rapid provisioning and management
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Easy on easy off
  • Simple end of month billing
  • Support on-demand
  • Marketing and training
  • Access to our online community

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of having Cloud Backup?

A backup solution such as SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite for Microsoft 365 provides a number of benefits both to MSP partners and their downstream end customers – the small businesses they serve. For partners, it helps them provide a critical and highly valued service to their end customers – one that operates much like an insurance policy for critical productivity data – and which extends Microsoft native data retention policies.

Specifically, it gives these partners a powerful backup tool for key productivity assets used by small businesses – including Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive and the latest collaboration tools such as Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.

Small business customers can thus quickly and accurately recover from unfortunate data loss incidents involving this productivity data with minimal disruption, mitigating possible data loss costs.

How much data is stored and how long can I keep it?

There is no limit to how much user mailbox data is backed up in SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite for Microsoft 365, nor is there a time limit to how long it is retained, provided your customers maintain an active subscription.

How does SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite for Microsoft 365 integrate with Office 365?

SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite for Microsoft 365 operates adjacently, but distinctly from a Microsoft 365 subscription. It is developed by SkyKick but operated and brought to market by partner MSPs, who offer this as an additional service to their small business customers.

MSPs leverage the latest industry and Microsoft security protocols – such as MFA – to securely connect their customer Microsoft 365 subscriptions with the SkyKick backup functionality.

How long does it take to restore an item?

The time it takes to restore varies on the amount of data restored. Individual items can take as little as a couple of minutes while full mailboxes can take multiple hours depending on how much data is being restored.

Is there a contract?

We don't believe in contracts or tie-ins here at Giacom. Our simple, monthly billing allows you the freedom to switch off your account when and if necessary.

How do I sign up?

Signing up with Giacom is easy and only takes a few short minutes! Simply sign up with a few of your details, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tim Rookes

"We’ve found Giacom’s service superb – can’t fault it to be honest! That’s the reason we’ve been with them for 4 and a half years, and never had the temptation to change or move."

Tim Rookes, Co-founder of True MSP

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