With the introduction of Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE) on 10th March, no doubt you've got a lot on your mind planning the best route for you and your customers.

Our mission is to make your life easier, so here's a few things we think will help make moving your customers to NCE simpler.

Because you don’t have to wait until your subscription renewal date to migrate to NCE we advise doing so ASAP, to avoid any disruption to you and your customers (and we have free migration tools to help).

1. Templates for your customers: What you need to know about NCE

Not sure where to start when explaining NCE to your customers? We've got it covered. Simply download our 'What you need to know about NCE' PDFs and hand them straight to your customers.

There's 2 versions - 'Annual Commitment' and 'Annual and Monthly Commitment' - simply download the version(s) most useful for you:

2. Workshop: Introduction to NCE incentives

Thu 17th Feb, 2pm

The introduction of NCE means lots of changes to the Microsoft incentive programme as you know it today. In this workshop we covered:

Download the workshop presentation (including useful links).

3. NCE customer impact tool

We've created an NCE Customer Impact tool specifically for you, so you can quickly and easily view all your customer's subscriptions dates, estimate customer impact from the March 22 price increase and estimate the customer impact of moving to NCE monthly commitment.

For access to this exclusive tool, get in touch with your Account Manager.

4. Free Migration Tools

The move to NCE is quick and easy with our free migration tools, including both 1:1 and bulk migrations. You can watch the below video for further details on our migration tools. In this video we also run through the latest NCE news and updates. Download the presentation slides (including links).

5. NCE Cloud Market Roadmap

View our NCE Cloud Market roadmap to see the dates of our planned NCE releases into Cloud Market.

6. NCE Update - Dec 2021

Watch our ‘NCE update video’ below detailing the main info you need to know about NCE. You can also download a PDF of the presentation (which includes useful links). Please note all details included in this video were correct at the time of recording and some info has changed since.

Luke Watts

"Giacom supported us very well with our conversion to NCE. Our Account Manager, Anthony Heptonstall, supported us massively throughout NCE which turned out to be a total success, so thank you very much."

Luke Watts, Managing Director at Roundworks IT

Case study: Supporting Roundworks IT through Microsoft's New Commerce Experience

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