24/7 Secure File Storage with Document Management now available from Giacom

Monday, October 1, 2018

Two thirds of UK businesses admit to struggling with paper documentation. They have large filing cabinets full of legal agreements, personal information on employees or ex-employees, and there are stacks of invoices and contractual agreements between suppliers. How can small businesses keep track of their important files and comply with recent changes in data protection legislation? The solution is easier than you think.

Introducing Document Management

Document Management by Storetec is now available to purchase in the Giacom Cloud Market. As an award-winning cloud-based solution, Document Management enables your customers to store their text and image documents in an easy-to-use file directory and access them 24/7 from any location. Plus, it also enables full search OCR capabilities for text documents and custom indexing for any uploaded file, saving your customers time and giving them complete control when searching for business-critical information.

Why move to electronic, cloud-based storage?

Recent research suggests that 66% of small businesses in the UK may be putting themselves at risk as they lack a complete document management strategy, leading to compliance failure and loss of secure auditing for financial purposes. This can be disastrous to any business, often putting undue stress on different departments. On top of that, it can take businesses between five and six days to retrieve paper documents, although on certain occasions it can take up to a week.

Document Management eliminates the hassle of locating paper files or digital copies attached to email. Your customers can simply upload their previously scanned documents directly into their organisation’s database, securely hosted in Storetec’s Tier III data centres. Each database is encrypted with AES-256 bit and comes with either 20,000 pages (roughly the size of a filing cabinet) or 100,000 pages (equivalent to a storeroom) SKU options. If your customers need more storage, resellers can purchase additional room on a pay per GB basis. It’s safe, secure, and unlimited storage.

Audit Logs, Business Workflows and Microsoft Office Integration

It’s the burning question on everyone’s lips; “If I use this cloud-based solution, will it help my journey to compliance?”. With Document Management, the answer is yes. Storetec has more than 15 years’ experience handling sensitive business-critical information and working with huge clients such as the NHS, Rolls Royce and Virgin Media. Their solution is GDPR compliant, recognised by the UK Government as part of the Cyber Essentials scheme, and is ISO27001 / ISO15489-1 certified.

Working alongside Giacom, Storetec has tailor-made their document management system for SMBs. Featuring a complete audit log, customers can easily track who the document was uploaded by, the time and date it was added and last accessed, and the IP address of the user. If the document is labelled as strictly confidential, administrators or ‘Super Users’ can enforce security policies to restrict users from accessing specific content, making every uploaded document safe from prying eyes.

Organised in a simple directory file tree structure, there’s options for customising the fields for easy indexing and creating business workflows, meaning the right department gets notified once an invoice, an expenses form or contract is added to the database. Plus, all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents can be uploaded into the database without any errors.

Choosing Document Management from Storetec means you can improve security, boost efficiency and help manage data retention periods for your customers. For additional information on Document Management, contact our Account Management team on 0333 332 0888


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