6 key benefits of having a website

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Setting up a website is one of the best things your customers can do for their business – it can help it grow from an exciting idea into much more and ensure that all their hard work pays off. One of the great things about having a website is that it’s largely up to your customers what they want from it; they can choose to have as much or as little content and functionality as their business needs.

However, when they’ve already got several things to think about, there can be such a thing as too much choice! To make your customers’ life a little easier as they embark on the adventure of growing their business, here are the six main things your customers should aim to get from a website when they’re starting out:

  1. Legitimacy
    A website is vital for a business’s professional image. While social media is an important tool, today’s customers expect a stronger web presence than this alone. In this data published by Statista, only 16.8% of global online shopping traffic came from social media platforms – less than from direct navigation, search or email. Creating a professional online presence – which can includes not just a good website, but also features such as domain names and email addresses – is often key to a business’s success.
  2. Simplicity
    There are many different ways to create a website, from paying a web designer to using a free online platform. However, a lack of direct input or technical experience can mean that the result isn’t quite what your customers envisaged, while still leaving them short on money, time or both. Whatever route they go down, it’s important to have a website they can easily manage and maintain. Small businesses are constantly growing and changing, so being able to update their website – without the technical experience of a web designer or developer – can (and should!) be an important part of their business strategy.
  3. Discoverability (SEO)
    Most of us know the importance of getting a website ranked in search results, but a lot of people are reluctant to pay the (often hefty) charges for search advertising. A simple and mobile-friendly sitebuilder can play a huge part in SEO success by allowing your customers to add content regularly; this is often one of the key factors in driving up a website’s search ranking.
  4. E-Commerce
    A good online store will boost sales and contribute to the smooth running of a business. The time constraints of running a small business mean that an all-in-one platform can really make a difference; having something that will process payments and orders without constant management leaves your customers free to work on other areas of the business.
  5. Mobility
    We know that many business owners are single-handedly balancing a business with other personal or professional commitments – in 2017, 76% of businesses were entirely run by the owner(s). One of the perks of your customers running their own business is that they don’t have to be tied to a desk, so it makes sense to have a website that they can manage on the go, at any time.
  6. Social media cross-functionality
    As mentioned above, social media is very important for businesses, so a connection between their social media and website is key. Displaying social media posts on their website (and vice versa) means their website will reflect the time they spend updating social media, and ensures that news and updates are visible to everybody.

Your customers website can be instrumental in turning their prospective customers into actual customers and keeping them engaged over time. Giacom have chosen Go SiteBuilder by Basekit with this in mind, so that you can provide your customers with everything they need to grow their business, wherever they are. Available soon to the Giacom Cloud Market, contact your Account Manager for more details.


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