Remote working: the benefits of flexible working

Monday, October 22, 2018

We get it…your customers are always going to be wary of allowing their staff to work from home, but if they’re able to measure success just the same as they would if they were sat in the office, what have they got to lose?

Working remotely is becoming increasingly popular across businesses, and something that most SMBs are now trying to achieve to boost productivity and increase profitability. Flexible working allows professionals to work outside of the humdrum ‘9-5’ office environment and enables them to be productive on the go. Remote working is essentially taking the office with you, using the concept that work does not need to be created in the office for successful execution.

There are plenty of benefits to remote working, however we’ve compiled some of the top reasons for your customers to get on board with a flexible working approach…

Increased Productivity

70% of managers’ report that remote working results in increased productivity – what’s not to love about that? Less time spent commuting to the office means more time spent executing work tasks. Plus, employees can continue working while out on the road, e.g. making external visits to clients. So, by investing in remote working, employees will feel more satisfied in their role and become more willing to engage with internal processes.

Employee Satisfaction

Remote working also introduces flexibility into the lives of employees. With family commitments, doctors’ appointments and other activities that prove difficult to obtain alongside a 9-5 job, being able to work productively when it best suits them results in happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Cost Savings

If employees work remotely, then there is no need for them to invest money in office spaces, power, heat, consumables and more. By reducing the overheads that are associated with in-office space, your customers can focus the funds on more critical areas of their business that drive profit and growth. Plus, the benefits of telecommuting are constantly growing, making it difficult for your customers to ignore.

Introducing a super smart way to work remotely…

So now that we’ve got you interested, you must be wondering how to create a modern office on the go for your customers.

There are several products available to your customers to help them work on the go – Conference Call by Meetupcall is one of these services. With no hidden charges, unlimited calls and a feature-rich platform, Conference Call is one of the easiest ways to arrange, join or manage meetings in or out the office.

With no software to install, each conference call can be managed in real-time on a visual dashboard from any device, while the added ‘call me’ joining function ensures your customers can always be available for a meeting – wherever they are. Exclusive to Giacom in the CSP market, this is conference calling as it should be. For more information on Conference Call by Meetupcall, contact our sales team on 0333 332 0888.


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