Restore customer email effortlessly with Dropsuite Hosted Exchange Backup

Thursday, September 6, 2018

If you’ve been looking for a fast, easy and painless way to recover Hosted Exchange mailbox data for your customers, Dropsuite could be the answer. Chances are that you already have a backup solution in place for your customer’s mailboxes. Perhaps it’s another cloud-to-cloud solution, or maybe it’s the time-consuming and laborious process of exporting and importing Exchange PST files. As a reseller, you’ll probably know how painful that system can be.

Easy backup with Dropsuite

Hosted Exchange Backup by Dropsuite is now available in the Giacom Cloud Market. As a globally recognised brand, Dropsuite is one of the fastest growing cloud backup companies in the world. Focusing on first-class engineering and driving security at scale, Dropsuite is a perfect partner for Giacom’s Hosted Exchange 2016 platform.

With unlimited storage and retention (that means no data caps), one-click restore for quick and easy mailbox recovery and an email analytics tool that visualises your customer’s overall usage, Dropsuite’s sophisticated features makes backup an easy sell – and even easier to support and manage.

Free on Enterprise Hosted Exchange 2016 mailboxes

It’s great news for your customers on our Enterprise Mailboxes as Dropsuite will be eligible to add at no extra cost to you. But don’t worry if you’re using a different backup solution elsewhere, Dropsuite will only be added to your customer’s Enterprise Mailbox if you require it, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we won’t enable it automatically.

If you’re planning on migrating your customers from our Exchange 2010 or 2013 platforms, the backup solution is a great value-add on 2016. Plus, they’ll get access to fantastic features such as the Password AD Sync tool, 250GB storage and increased attachment file size.

GDPR compliance for your customers

Not only will Hosted Exchange 2016 encrypt your data in transit and at rest, Dropsuite also ensures their backup solution secures customer data too with AES 256-bit encryption. It’s also fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulations and includes a tamper-proof audit trail, eDiscovery to quickly locate a lost file or to remove data on an individual with the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule, while backing up data every two hours. And since Dropsuite backs up via changed files only, it means there’s more room for storage, increasing speed and efficiency in the workplace too.

We know that backup is important, so make sure your customer doesn’t turn out to be a statistic. For more information on Dropsuite Hosted Exchange Backup, contact our sales team on 0333 332 0888.


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