Exclaimer now launched in Giacom Cloud Market

Monday, February 5, 2018

The perfect Office 365 add-on – Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 – has now launched in the Giacom Cloud Market. Their multi award-winning Email Signature software is easy to use, delivers brand uniformity and provides full compliance with email disclaimer law. Backed by industry experts and chosen by 50 million users across the globe, Exclaimer is first-class software that is based entirely on the web.

Why do my customers need Email Signatures?

The Radicati Group states that the average office worker receives 121 emails per day and sends out approximately 40 business emails, whilst 66% of emails are now read on mobile devices. So, if we took the average 250 working days in a year and multiplied it by the 40 business emails sent per day, that’s approximately 10,000 emails sent by one individual in a year.

While it’s unlikely the average office worker reaches that amount, their business emails are one of the most valuable assets available to them – and that also counts for their email signatures too. If your customers are looking to remain professional and on brand, they need an email signature that works across all devices and mail clients. In a mobile-first world, the last thing your customers want is an email signature that displays with skewed images, or worse, doesn’t display at all!

Creating an Office 365 Email Signature is tricky

One of the first pain points we come across by resellers is that designing an email signature that works correctly on Office 365 is the proverbial ‘stuff of nightmares’. It’s time consuming and a complete hassle as there’s no preview function to test them in. It’s a trial and error process, often taking up a large chunk of a techy’s day. And let’s not even get started on functionality for mobiles and macs. Whichever way you end up assigning email signatures to your customer, you’re most likely going to embed them from a third-party tool.

That’s where Exclaimer comes in handy. As it’s completely based on the web, there’s no software to download or install, plus you can design templates (or search from pre-made ones) and assign them to individuals / departments through the Office 365 Active Directory.

How does Exclaimer work (aka the techy bit)?

When working with the cloud in server-side configurations, Exclaimer works by passing mail from your customer’s Office 365 mailbox through to Exclaimer’s Azure servers using Office 365 connectors. Then regional, load-balanced Azure servers add signatures to all emails sent from any device – be it desktop PC, laptop, tablet, mobile and mac.

For client-side and server-side configurations, email signatures are deployed to Outlook and are also passed through Azure. This means your customers still have the option to choose a signature when composing an email, and they’ll also get signatures stamped on emails sent from mobile devices and macs.

If you’re a reseller with us, we’ve got lots of information on Exclaimer available in our Giacom Academy. Just us to get the latest sales assets, or check out the video below for more information. Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 is now available in your Cloud Market.


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