Giacom awarded government-endorsed Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Giacom is pleased to announce that our in-house security team has passed certification for the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme. Endorsed by the UK Government, the scheme is a mandatory requirement for businesses working with government bodies and outlines the national cyber security standards an organisation must hold to help protect their customers from global cyber-attacks.

To pass the scheme’s rigorous testing methods, our external certifying body carried out a range of techniques to bypass the security system. Using specially tailored vulnerability criteria, Giacom’s internet facing structure, workstations and services were all tested by an external body over several days and included critical assessment of the following:

  • Boundary firewalls
  • Secure configuration
  • User access control
  • Malware protection
  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability scan of internal systems
  • Email virus delivery check
  • Malicious web download check

Providing a thorough and impartial validation of Giacom’s present security system, the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme gives our partners reassurance that they are working with a Cloud Distributor that is competent and helps protect both their own data and their clients. The accreditation also means that any partner who transacts through the Giacom Cloud Market can also look to gain the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

With cyber-attacks becoming much more sophisticated and widespread, it’s crucial that we address this head on by strengthening our security systems so they remain at the highest standards and at the most secure. Only by continuously testing our security protocols to combat cyber-attacks can we enable a safe, trusted environment for you and your customers.

For more information on the scheme, make sure to click through to the Cyber Aware Government website. A full list of the companies accredited can be found here.


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