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Monday, January 7, 2019

In today’s modern era, it’s rare for a successful business to not have an online presence. Getting your customers online with a website can make a huge impact on their business’s success – and can help turn their prospective customers into actual customers, giving them a platform to stay up to date, engaged and purchase all in one place.

Introducing Go Sitebuilder by Basekit

Go SiteBuilder by Basekit has everything that your small business customers need to succeed online. Designed for business on the go, this complete solution will ensure your customers are set up with a complete web presence including domain and email, customisation and the ability to set up an online store – all in one place.

Basekit eliminates the high costs and complications that are usually associated with getting online, meaning that even the most basic of users will be able to set up a professional, fully functioning website within minutes.

Why have a web presence?

Setting up a website is one of the best things your customers can do for their business – it can help it grow from an exciting idea into much more, ensuring that all their hard work pays off. Web presence doesn’t just mean a website – it refers to your whole online presence, including email addresses and domain names. These are very helpful when it comes to establishing your customers’ company as legitimate and memorable, ensuring that visitors can easily find, identify and contact them.

Build credibility

A website is vital to your customers’ professional image and a perfect way to build their business’s credibility. Today’s internet users expect to see a legitimate brand online with a personalised domain name.

Go beyond social media

Social media is a fantastic business tool but offers limited opportunities for selling online and building credibility. This limitation, coupled with social media’s potential for unexpected changes, makes it essential to have something more than social business profiles in place. A website works perfectly together with social media to create a strong online presence.

Grow their business anytime

A website or online store never has to close – your customers will be able to run their business for longer than their normal working hours and reach a larger audience.

Tell their story, their way

Having a website gives your customers more control over what their customers hear about their business. Go Sitebuilder allows your customers to share their story and personality through their own personalised content, particularly with ‘About us’ pages and blogs.

Set yourself apart

When looking for a product or service, most people will start their search online and visit several websites before making a decision – without a website your customers are giving their potential clients a reason to buy from someone else.

Get found online

Almost everyone uses the internet to get information every day. A website will ensure your customers’ business appears in the moments when their customers need them the most.

Choosing Basekit for your customers means they can have a complete web presence, without the need for a large budget or advanced IT skills. For additional information on Go Sitebuilder by Basekit, contact our Account Management team on 0333 332 0888 or visit cloud.market.


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