Major improvements to Hosted Voice introduces pooled minutes for resellers

Friday, May 4, 2018

Hosted Voice has had a major overhaul. Since launching in the Giacom Cloud Market last August, our products team have been very busy working behind the scenes with our chosen vendor, TalkTalk Business to make our Hosted Voice solution even better. We’ve streamlined the offer, creating one simple package that’s designed for the small business user.

From 1st May 2018, our new ‘2,000 minutes with Mobility’ package will be available to purchase at a lower cost for our VoIP resellers. But the increased inclusive minutes isn’t the only change, as we’re now enabling minutes to be pooled across all users in an organisation for national and mobile calls. So, for example, you deploy a Hosted Voice platform for 5 users. Each user will get up to 2,000 minutes per month and be able to pool their minutes together for a combined organisation total of 10,000 minutes.

Traditional phone lines won’t exist in 2025

Combined with our itemised billing, pooled minutes allow you to resell our solution with ease and take advantage of a market that’s ready to switch over to a flexible, mobile workforce. Considering businesses will no longer be able to purchase PSTN and ISDN lines after 2020, just a couple of years away, it’s time for them to make the switch to a solution that’s going to save them serious money.

VoIP adoption rates are steadily rising year on year. While call quality remains an issue, smaller businesses are now adopting superfast fibre broadband to eliminate bandwidth issues for greater speed and connectivity. Approximately 18 per cent of businesses employing 10 – 49 people plan to invest in this during 2018.

Reduce the cost of International and Premium rate calls

If your customers are regularly making calls to international users every month, using a VoIP solution can dramatically reduce the cost per call price to non-UK destinations. With our Hosted Voice solution, you can easily restrict calls to International or Premium numbers or benefit from extremely competitive call rates to non-UK destinations. According to a recent case study featured in PC World, a business using 30 phones saved approximately £850 per month on calls when they switched to a Hosted Voice solution.

What’s new in Hosted Voice?

  • All the same features included in our previous Hosted Voice solution
  • MiCollab Smartphone / Softphone App
  • 2,000 inclusive minutes to 01, 02, 03, 07 numbers
  • Pooled minutes across all users in an organisation
  • Lower cost

For a full breakdown of the features or for further information, our Account Managers will be happy to help. Call 0333 332 0888.


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