Hosted Voice launches in the Giacom Cloud Market

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hosted Voice (VoIP) is now available in the Giacom Cloud Market. Launching with a variety of package offerings, Hosted Voice is easy to set up, requires little to no maintenance and will rapidly increase long-term profit for our partners. But that isn’t the only reason…

Traditional phones lines won’t exist by 2025

The ISDN switch-off will take place in 2025 and will impact all businesses which use legacy platforms. Businesses will no longer be able to buy any PSTN and ISDN lines after 2020 – just a few years away. If your customers are still on older, traditional telephone lines, it’s time for them to make the switch to a solution that’s going to save them serious money.

Huge cost savings for your customers

The average business saves 35% or more on costs when switching to an IP Voice solution. The beauty of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is its true mobility, allowing customers to connect to their colleagues when out of the office and in any location. There’s no line rental and your customers will get free calls between their offices, alongside cheaper local and international call rates. And when 31% of businesses find their overall productivity is boosted with VoIP, it’s easy to see why they made the switch.

VoIP is a real money maker

Hosted Voice is an easy sell. It’s packed full of features such as…

  • Voicemail to Email – When a caller leaves a voicemail, your customer will receive a sound file through email. No need to dial in.
  • Mobile Twin Ring – Easily synchronise calls from mobile to mobile and transfer or twin calls to display your business number.
  • Direct Dial Numbers – 10 free to any geographical area.
  • In-built Music on Hold / Auto Attendant / Voice Menu System as standard.
  • Individual and Group Voicemail System featuring a handy call record function.
  • Messenger System & Presence with Mobility – For easy, instant communication with colleagues enabling your customers to be more productive.

It’s easy to scale

With our Hosted Voice packages, your customers can easily scale their business. You’ll be able to add new phone lines, reassign them or remove them depending on your customer’s needs. All of this can be done instantaneously within an existing tenant environment. Plus, partners will also get access to a neat flow chart designer which can be tailored to their business, saving you time and money.

Why buy from us?

With our easy billing, best value packages, exclusive partner discounts, and the ability to earn more money with a cost-effective cloud based phone system, there’s lots of reasons to resell our Hosted Voice. For more information on becoming a VoIP reseller, please contact our sales team on 0333 332 0888


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