How Cloud Server solves price complexity and unpredictability for your customers

Monday, February 3, 2020

The shift to the cloud is going to accelerate over the next two years in line with important changes such as Windows Server 2008 End of Life in January, after which there will be no more updates or patches.

A significant number of smaller companies are still purchasing on-premise servers as many don’t yet have the same comfort level with moving infrastructure to the cloud as they have developed with the software-as-a-service model.

A lot of this is down to a lack of confidence within an organisation to configure and deploy cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Azure, which can be complex and somewhat daunting.

Microsoft Azure is an obvious choice for many companies – a fantastic suite of products that can dramatically change the way companies operate as they migrate to the cloud.

But at Giacom, we hear consistent feedback from our partners that it’s complicated – not just in provisioning, but in pricing too. So, we decided to address this issue for our customers.

Overly Enterprise Focused

Within the Microsoft Azure Portal there is a vast array of products and components. It is like being given a big pile of Lego bricks and being told to create something specific without the manual. Very daunting. People don’t know where to start and how to configure what they need.

The same goes for pricing: to create a Cloud Server solution requires a variety of components to be costed and provisioned. These include elements that are charged on a per hour, per gigabyte, per month fee, meaning that trying to cost up a simple service solution within Azure is complicated and time-consuming.

What our customers told us was that they wanted fixed cost bundles – so that they could quote to end-user organisations with predictability and healthy margins.

We are simplifying the lives of our partners through the click to buy solution, giving them back invaluable time and allowing them to access a product or solution that they may not have been able to access previously.

An SME Solution

At Giacom, we pride ourselves on supporting the needs of our partners’ customers, particularly when it comes to making things clear and simple.

So, we built Giacom Cloud Server – which was launched last October. A unique offering in the UK, it provides pre-configured servers that can be deployed without difficulty using a simple pricing model – limiting the number of checks and different configurations.

In the Microsoft Azure Portal, there are 141 server options, mostly aimed at Enterprise customers – which SMBs wouldn’t go near. We have four: Entry level, Standard, Premium and Premium Plus with four storage options.

Encouraging Results

With Cloud Server, we make it simple for our partners to set up and provision a Cloud Server for their customer with just a couple of clicks, regardless of their level of technical expertise. Configuring a solution is simple – with no room for human error. An example is that if a customer set up an incorrect server within Azure directly, it could cost them hundreds of pounds a day.

The uptake and feedback from partners has been very positive with many telling us that it is so simple that it takes away all their issues.

Comments we have seen from partners are that the set-up was quick and painless, performance has been excellent, and the solution has allowed partners to add a new offering to their portfolio, giving them recurring margin opportunities. Microsoft is also very supportive of our off-the-shelf solution.

And with a free 30-day demo and trial license available to our partners, it makes it simple for them to show it to their customers.


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