Microsoft Inspire 2019 key takeaways

Thursday, August 8, 2019

For Microsoft partners, Inspire is one of the key dates in the diary. The conference provides partners the opportunity to expand their network, learn what’s in the pipeline and participate in hands-on workshops and sessions to prepare them for the coming year.

As part of Giacom’s aim to be innovative and forward thinking, we attend every year to find out more about what Microsoft is planning for the upcoming year, connect with our customers and chat with those in the Microsoft community. So, we’ve put together a handy summary of the conference that highlights the key points we think matter to you.

First impressions

From first timers to Inspire veterans, the scale of the conference is always the first thing that hits you. With 17,000 delegates from 139 different countries, there are over 490 sessions and 200 sponsors and exhibitions, and – as the name suggests – the energy Inspire generates encourages partners to engage with the community and embolden their creativity.

What’s staggering about Inspire is the amount of content on show. From Microsoft’s visions for the future, to learning about their new investments, big bets, and what we can expect from Microsoft in the next year – there’s plenty of useful and practical information available for every delegate.

Key Takeaways

With so much going on it can be hard to wade through all the content and find what’s important for your business. Here are some of our takeaways from the event.


Microsoft has made huge investments to become a leading security vendor, providing a huge amount of resource and focus into this area to ensure both partners’ reputations and their customers businesses are protected. Inspire displayed some of the huge strides Microsoft is making in security including Microsoft Security Centre, Microsoft Threat Protection, Secure Score and Azure Sentinel.


“Together, we achieve more” was the motto for this year’s conference and it’s clear that Microsoft has put its partners at the forefront of Inspire.

Microsoft is the industry leader when it comes to developing innovating and cutting-edge technologies. Inspire enables partners like you to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become experts, so you can provide your customers with a trusted service.

Looking Forward

As moving to cloud services becomes more accessible to businesses of all sizes, our role in providing leading support and assisting our customers to capitalise this market expansion is vital.

After attending Inspire and through our involvement with Microsoft, we’re able to support our customers through the upcoming year, helping them make operational changes and create business growth plans by keeping things clear and simple.

Our top tip for next year

For Microsoft partners, Inspire is a great opportunity to learn about new innovating technology and prepare for the upcoming year. Having access to Microsoft experts, where you can ask questions, clarify issues and queries directly, provides a priceless advantage. This, coupled with the networking opportunities from sessions, sponsors and exhibitors, means Inspire is an event you cannot miss.

For resellers thinking of going next year, our top tip is to make sure you plan your time beforehand. Arrive with a full and detailed itinerary of needs and outcomes from the conference, which will help you identify the best speakers and topics to help progress your business needs. Make sure you organise meetings in advance and prioritise what you are doing based on your needs & objectives.

And on that note, hopefully we’ll see you at Inspire next year.


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