How Giacom can help you transition from on-prem to the cloud

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Microsoft recently announced that the OVS (Open Value Subscription) licensing programme will end in January 2022. This is a big change, as it’s one of the most popular licences available – and commonly used by those with on-premise servers.

Given the announcement, we’ve started speaking with our partners about the best ways to help small businesses (SMEs) move to the cloud. However, there continues to be some resistance...

Scaling One Step At A Time

One of the reasons many small businesses are still using purely on-prem solutions – on outdated or unsupported software – is because they’re concerned about consumption-based cloud models.

However, as we all know, cloud migration doesn’t have to involve a complete, single migration. It can be done in stages. For many companies, a hybrid approach is worth exploring – to enable them to migrate their system one step at a time.

Once the initial hybrid setup is in place, customers can begin to reap the benefits of additional security and scalability – and work on improving the IT stack based on their business needs.

Better Backups, More Stringent Security

In recent months we’ve seen a rise in the number of hybrid users using the cloud as part of disaster recovery plans – for backups storage.

SMEs are waking up to the idea that when backups are stored locally on-premise, there’s a single point of failure – which could leave their own and their customers’ data vulnerable.

This concern has become more apparent this year. The sudden shift to remote working in the wake of COVID has meant that data needs to be easily accessible at all times: across all devices – which also increases the potential security risk.

A Simple Solution

Making the jump from on-prem to the cloud is a bit daunting for some SMEs because of the perceived risk of the interruption in service or even in data loss. But we’re ready to help you advise them on the facts, features, and benefits of cloud migration.

In addition to a fixed priced cloud server that you – our MSPs – can provide to your customers, we offer documentation, advice from our cloud specialists, and video guides on the entire migration process.

We can also guide clients through best practice and help you to maintain the user experience once the migration is complete. We can also put you directly in contact with Microsoft who offer an abundance of resources on migration – to help you demonstrate how the process is controlled and to show how it can be managed correctly.

While it’s true that Microsoft is looking to get as many users on Azure and the 365 platform as possible – to make the development process easier – for customers the proposition is remarkably simple: infinite scalability, better security, constantly updated software – all provided and supported by the world’s best known IT brand.


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