Reseller Guide: Signature Hosted Exchange vs Exchange Online & Office 365

Thursday, October 26, 2017

What’s the best email cloud solution for your customer’s business? Luckily, you don’t have to pick one solution off the rack, instead, you can pick the best solutions for your needs and requirements.

Signature Hosted Exchange 2016
#1 Mailbox Choice for IT Resellers

There’s nothing more frustrating when, in the middle of a busy day, your email provider tells your customer their inbox is nearly full. And they have to divert from the to-do list to focus on clearing up an inbox. But there is a different solution.

125GB as standard
Signature Hosted Exchange offers 125GB of email storage space. That’s a massive amount of space for your customers and the thousand and one emails they probably have. When your customers only want to use a first-class business email service, Giacom’s Hosted Exchange is the one IT professionals choose.

Access to great features
Based on the Exchange 2016 platform, your customers will get access to the latest features such as Active Sync for 100 maximum devices per mailbox and end-to-end encryption with encryption at rest. Plus, we’ve also incorporated Active Directory Password Sync to make Signature Hosted Exchange even better.

A true pay as you go service
The beauty of PAYG with Giacom means there’s no contract tie-ins so you can add or remove licences at any point. We bill monthly, not annually. And your customers can scale any time.

Set your prices
Remaining competitive is a priority when it comes to boosting your sales. That’s why we let you set your own prices. Sell Hosted Exchange at the rate you want to your customers and make great margins.

Fully secure
There’s anti-virus and anti-spam across all mailbox accounts, so all mailboxes are protected from threat.

Easy Migration
Whether you’re migrating from on-premise servers, from another Exchange platform or through Exchange Online, it’s so easy to migrate mailboxes with Giacom.

UK Support
With Giacom, you’ll get full Exchange support at the end of the phone. Either from our technical team or straight from your Account Manager, we’ll help you to help your customers.

But if your customers want more than first-class business email…

Exchange Online & Office 365
Email + Popular Business Applications

50GB to 100GB storage
Depending on which plan you choose, Exchange Online comes with either 50GB or 100GB of email storage. If you’re customer is opting for Office 365, they’ll get a 50GB inbox as standard. If storage isn’t an issue for your customer, Office 365 or Exchange Plan 1 is the best choice.

Office 365 Applications
When your customer needs access to desktop applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and business email, Office 365 Business Premium is the most cost-effective option. While they may be limited on email storage space, the benefit lies in its supreme business software.

Inbox Features
Outlook has a nifty feature that allows inbox cleanup in a pinch. It’s called Clutter and it uses algorithms to predict what the user classes as ‘never read mail’ and focused conversations. If any of your customers have used the Windows Mail feature at home on their laptops, there’s a similar function to separate the two. It means business critical emails are read and completed quicker.

Fully Secure
Microsoft is fully invested in security and their Office 365 solution is continually updated to combat the latest cyber security challenges. Microsoft updates roll out to customers throughout the year, so there’s less hands-on action needed which frees up your time to sell more.

In-Place Archive and Hold
Move old messages and place them in a designated hold area. It means deleted mailbox items are preserved, in case something is accidentally moved.

Access to Support
When provisioning through Giacom, you’ll get access to support for Exchange Online and Office 365 via our technical and sales support teams.

In summary…

When choosing the right cloud computing and hosted service for communications it’s important to focus on what you or your customer needs. Cost might be a factor but with a range of services you can pick and choose the platform or application that best suits both needs and requirements, making it easy for a business to run on the move.

For more information on our Microsoft Exchange mailboxes contact our team on 0333 332 0888.


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