The customer benefits to using Skype for Business

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

When it comes to cloud computing, it’s all about the scalability and flexibility. For small to medium size businesses, the attraction of having access to technology and an IT infrastructure that enables them to operate as a much larger company would is quite obvious. They work at different sites, attract customers in different locations, share information easily and manage communications without having to invest in expensive property and infrastructure.

Skype Conference Calling

Skype for Business is a key ingredient in company communication. Often advertised as a way to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away, its real calling card is its benefit to business. Video calls have saved companies money and their instant messaging helps them stay in touch.

Those business calls are just one element. Being able to Skype without incurring expensive international costs is vital for a firm that has to stay lean. But will it benefit your customers?

Think about how they talk to customers and potential customers. On the other hand, how are they talking to staff and colleagues while they are abroad? By using Skype’s conference calling, which was originally called PSTN Conferencing, a conversation can be much more effective than an email. It also helps internal and external communication, building personal relationships and enables your customers to get the job done.

Skype Manager

Wouldn’t it be great to manage everything – including expenses and accounts – in Skype for Business? You can keep an eye on what is being spent with Skype Manager and let your customers become their own account manager. That means they can allocate credit to staff and track their overall business spend, so it’s easier for them to see how to budget better.

Skype Meetings

Time is precious. When the time your customers spend travelling to and from meetings is, largely, dead time, there’s nothing more frustrating than walking out of a meeting filled with plenty of creative ideas but knowing there’s nothing they can do for another hour or two until they get back to your desk. And who do they bill that journey time to?

Skype for Business provides an alternative for a productive meeting. And it means that once it’s finished they can get straight back to the task in hand. Customers can also schedule group chats for up to 10 people so that meetings can be presented on your screen remotely. It’s better than a conference call as you can see each other and have that eye to eye contact that improves communication. It’s ideal for board meetings or catch ups with teams abroad.

Skype Instant Messaging

If your clients regularly field calls, having a Skype number on their website will make it much easier, and cheaper, for customers to get in touch with them. For international business it’s a must, as it makes it simpler for customers to get in touch. They can even use Instant Messenger (IM) to ask any questions.

Skype makes it simpler to run a business as it’s easy to stay in touch with customers, colleagues and clients wherever they are. 


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