Top reasons to choose Acronis Office 365 Mailbox Backup

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Powered by Acronis, Office 365 Mailbox Backup is the safest, easiest and most secure way to back up your customers’ mailbox 24/7. Once a user deletes data from their Office 365 mailbox account, it’s only recoverable for a maximum of 30 days. That means any data not recovered after the 30-day retention period may be gone forever. But with Acronis Office 365 Mailbox Backup from the Giacom Cloud Market, you can guarantee your customers safe and secure 24/7 backup with point-in-time restoration. Here’s the top reasons you should choose Acronis from Giacom.

Unlimited storage
All your customers will get access to unlimited public cloud storage. All user mailbox data, including their emails, contacts, calendars, attachments and tasks, can be stored securely in the Acronis Tier-IV data centre. Backed by a 99.99% SLA, you know it’s trusted.

It’s FREE for 6 months
As a cloud services reseller, generate pure profit with 6 months free on Acronis Office 365 Mailbox Backup licenses provisioned in the Cloud Market from 1st March 2018*.

It’s also great value
Competitively priced, our mailbox backup offering from Acronis is great value. There’s no contract tie-ins or long-term commitments, meaning you only ever pay for what you use. It’s easy on, easy off.

Agentless Cloud Backup
With cloud-to-cloud backup, you no longer need to use agent-led backup through the Acronis portal, saving you time and making the backup process easier.

Avoid one vendor lock-in
Putting all your eggs in one basket with the Microsoft Cloud is a risk, especially given Microsoft only replicate each Office 365 mailbox. By using Acronis Office 365 Mailbox backup, you can mitigate that risk for your clients by securing it in a UK-based location.

Earn more on every Office 365 sale
Backing up your clients’ mailbox data is critical to avoid loss through user error or malicious tactics such as email spear-phishing. Including mailbox backup with every Office 365 or Exchange Online sale gives you the opportunity to earn additional margins, increasing revenues in the long run.

Instant mailbox recovery
Instantly restore and send data to mailboxes from the Acronis web console agent with ease. You’ll also be able to control all mailboxes from one place, keeping the process simple and accessible.

It’s trusted
Giacom has been partnered with Acronis – an award-winning vendor for backup and recovery software – since 2015 when Acronis Backup Cloud was first launched in our Cloud Market. Office 365 Backup for mailboxes is an essential product for partners and will complement the current Acronis offering, alongside qualifying purchases of Office 365 licenses.

Interested? Check out our website for additional reseller benefits.

*Acronis Office 365 Mailbox Backup licenses are free for a six-month period from 1st March until the last day of billing on August 27th 2018. During the free period, you will not be charged for any Acronis Office 365 Mailbox Backup licenses that you add within the Giacom Cloud Market. Any licenses that you have already bought and have been billed for in the Giacom Cloud Market will automatically qualify for the free six-month period and will be reflected on your monthly invoice.


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