Why become a Microsoft Education Reseller?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Using Microsoft products in an academic or classroom setting is just as important in an office. Education resources have increasingly moved into the cloud or use specific tools to make sharing and saving data easier, to utilise data analytics and to help make academic organisations more productive. For resellers, this can be a lucrative market helping them to attract education customers.

For IT resellers, specialising in one specific sector can help to grow a business and target customers. Becoming a Microsoft Education reseller allows a company to focus on the tools and platforms that can help support an academic organisation.

Getting certified with targeted online training

Microsoft’s products are used on a global scale, but different sectors use them in different ways. Office 365 can help both students and teachers to be more productive. Helping customers to understand how these products can benefit them, and the way in which they work, is at the very heart of industry expertise; it’s about knowing what a customer needs, what they want and then matching the products and insight to help them solve the problem. A Microsoft Education reseller can deliver this for schools and colleges. With special certification, IT resellers can promote their expertise and build their profile within the sector.

Microsoft also offers targeted training online. This training helps to build understanding, but it also helps to offer a more comprehensive service to customers. This also helps IT resellers to understand the latest products and services on the market, so they can benefit their clients even more.

Access to licensing that’s cost-effective

One of the most expensive elements of technology for schools is licensing. Any business will tell you licensing comes with a cost. Authorised Microsoft Education partners can buy and resell Microsoft products at a price for academics. Helping to reduce the cost of these licenses will help schools and colleges focus the money saved back into student services.

As with any element of being an IT reseller, one of the major benefits is the lack of upfront investment. For those who don’t want to spend on infrastructure, on their own servers and other hardware, being a reseller means focusing on requests and how to solve them, without having to fix, maintain or spend. Using the Giacom Cloud Market allows resellers to deal directly with what their customers need.

Similarly they don’t need to build their own products, create the online store, promote it or negotiate prices from suppliers. Being a reseller cuts out most of the middle men that adds both expense and energy, meaning they can spend their resources where they need to, ie; offering a better service for customers.

Boost their productivity and earn more money

Microsoft’s suite of products, made especially for the education sector, are designed to help make use of technology to increase productivity and make life easier for colleges, schools and students. Becoming a Microsoft Education reseller allows specialism, understanding the products and services that are designed specifically to support schools and colleges. It enables resellers to save the investment on hardware and infrastructure and focus instead on ensuring customers have the right products they need. With training and certification, resellers can build their expertise and attract more customers within the field.

To become an authorised Microsoft Education reseller, make sure to visit this page for more information.


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