Five reasons why Hosted Exchange works for IT resellers

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Understanding what people want from their IT, and what they need, is key to being a successful reseller. It’s all about trust. Once people know you understand their business and what they’re looking for their IT to achieve, it becomes much easier to tailor a project to suit them. For IT resellers, Signature Hosted Exchange is far and above the most popular product out there. Their clients like it and they keep on coming back for more.

Five reasons why Hosted Exchange is proving to be a big hit…

1. The UK’s biggest mailbox

At a whopping 125GB per mailbox this is the single biggest and the best Microsoft Exchange mailbox for clients to use. It beats the measly 10-15GB you get on free platforms hands down and provides much more flexibility with all that storage space. It means that a client can think long-term about their cloud storage, and not have to buy something piecemeal, which is great for resellers. It’s like adding an extra floor to your house, but digitally. It enables you to lock in the best resale margin, so it’s cost-effective as well.

2. Anti-spam and anti-virus is built in

Security is top of the list for most of our reseller’s clients, so we’re able to give them peace of mind. Mailboxes get protected with the best anti-spam and anti-virus solutions at no extra cost. Plus, there’s also a 24 hour real-time view of all captured messages, again for no extra cost. Being able to allay any fears about security, and letting clients know they’re doubly protected is a big win for resellers.

3. It’s easy to use

Being able to set up a client’s account in seconds makes it pain free. Signature Hosted Exchange is one of the easiest to use, so there’s no need to bamboozle a client who isn’t tech savvy, they’ll find it simple. What’s more, it’s designed exclusively for the wholesale market so as you build up those long-term relationships, you’ll be building a profit as well. Clients want to know that they can just plug in and play – and they’ll thank you for offering them a platform that’s so easy to set up and get started with.

4. It’s great value

Prices are increasing across the board, so it’s good to know that Giacom has protected its Hosted Exchange costs, making it lower than any other competitor. This makes it the best value premium email service your clients will find. In a time of economic uncertainty, this is a huge draw.

5. A margin magnet

Signature Hosted Exchange is the most popular service we’ve got in the Cloud Market because, for resellers, it offers the very best margin potential. It’s a premium email solution and it enables resellers to offer their clients a great service but also lets them build profit for months, and for years.

Understanding what clients need is vital. With a service like Signature Hosted Exchange, you can relax in the knowledge that not only is it good in the long term, it makes sense for your clients as well. Call 0333 332 0888 for more information today.


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